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Journal Article


J Hered, OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC, Volume 81, Number 3, JOURNALS DEPT, 2001 EVANS RD, CARY, NC 27513, p.183-188 (1990)


Individuals representing the genus ıt Persea}, subgenus ıt Persea} were assayed for restriction fragment length polymorphisms in their chloroplast genome, nuclear ribosomal DNA, and the genes coding for the enzyme cellulase. The subgenus ıt Persea} appears to consist of ıt P. schiedeana} and a separate taxon containing the remaining species. ıt P. americana} does not appear to be a monophyletic group. If ıt P. americana} is to be maintained as a species containing var. ıt americana}, var. ıt drymifolia}, and var. ıt guatemalensis}, then our data suggest that it should also contain varieties corresponding to ıt P. floccosa}, ıt P. nubigena}, and ıt P. steyermarkii}. ıt P. americana} var. ıt guatemalensis} appears to have originated as a hybrid between ıt P. steyermarkii} and ıt P. nubigena}. The root-rot-resistant cultivar G755A is a hybrid progeny of ıt P. schiedeana} and ıt P. americana} var. guatemalensis. The three varieties of ıt P. americana} were all distinguished by mutations.